YouTube Vanced: Better than Official?

Everybody knows YouTube since it is pre-installed in almost every Android phone. This platform is well-known for providing people to watch, upload, and even to stream videos. You can freely watch videos from around the world just from this platform. People also have chances to make their own channel. Some creating videos while others some watching them are very innovative ways to make business. I also have my own channel Jing Xing TV but I still don’t take it seriously this semester.


As a part of Google services, YouTube has to be monetized while people can use it without any cost. I like these ideas and I thought it is wonderful. There are two types of YouTube users; the premium and the free. Premium users have more benefits than the free. It likes helping people while helping who pays more. I fundamentally disagree with this idea but I have to admit that this idea makes YouTube available for all people while in the same time sustaining the company.


Premium users can play all of the videos on the background or in pop-up mode. It means that they can watch the video while browsing, chatting, or even turning the screen off. This is very useful because some people have limited time to watch videos so they have to do multitasking playing videos; while doing other jobs. Others also need to turn the screen off but they want to listen to the audio of the video.


Let’s not talk too much about people and start about our main topics: YouTube Vanced. This app is not an official YouTube app for Android. I think this is a kind of hacked version of the official. It looks similar but only you can find the recommendation videos section below the comments. This is very awesome because we don’t need to scroll and see the recommendations, that sometimes such click-bait, to read comments.


This unofficial YouTube app for Android has some advantages over the official. First, you can play video on the background. The video will still play after you press the home button to minimize the app. Second, you can watch videos without advertisements. Advertisements are very annoying and they make you to buy or to do or to mind something that actually you don’t have to do that. These two features are the reason why YouTube Vanced is better than the official.


Although YouTube Vanced is better than YouTube official, we don’t know that the app is safer than the official. You also should to find the official YouTube Vanced site to download because there are some unofficial YouTube Vanced sites on the internet. I will give you the official YouTube Vanced:


Here are the steps to install YouTube Vanced

1. Download YouTube Vanced apk. Attention: Download only from the official YouTube Vanced.

2. Download MicroG.apks . Apks is a file that consists of many apk file so it can be said multiple apk. You can’t install apks with your default apk installer.

3. Download SAI. SAI is an application to install apks file.

4. Install apks with SAI. Install MicroG apks with this app.

5. Install YouTube Vanced. Finally, install YouTube Vanced that you have downloaded.


If you don’t actually care about your privacy and being banned by Google, I think YouTube Vanced is the better. It runs just like the official with play in background feature and without advertisement. However, if you care about your privacy, maybe the official is still your best choice. However, you can use another phone to use this app while your primary phone and Google Account still use the official.

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