Why Zorin OS?: For Windows Users

Some of you may never hear about Zorin OS or just knew about it. Here, I will explain about Zorin OS. Why Zorin OS is different, why this OS is special. Why not you try this incredible OS rather than using the old Windows 7 or the ancient XP.

This article is for Windows Users, if you are a Linux users, you may no need to read this.

1. Zorin OS is an Open Source Linux

Just like the other Linuxes, Zorin OS is open source. It means you have access to the source code of the OS. If you a software developer or maybe just an enthusiast, this will be a great idea to have fully access to your software. You can hack and mod your OS to anywhat you want. Just like when you have a drawing book, you can draw anything you want on it.

2. Zorin OS is Ubuntu-Based

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distros. It has strong communities, developers, and supports. So, Say not to worry about the discontinuation of your OS because Ubuntu has bright future.

You can install many applications and also receive latest updates from Ubuntu repositories and Snap which is very easy to do.

3. Zorin OS is Light

Zorin OS comes with 4 variants; Ultimate, Core, Lite, and Education. The Lite variant uses XFCE which is very light and custom-able. If you have less than 3 GB RAM, I recommend you to choose the Lite version. Even Zorin OS Lite Variant is not light as the Xubuntu which both uses XFCE, Zorin OS is still considered as light

4. Zorin OS supports 32-bit

Unlike other Linux distros, Zorin OS still supports the 32-bit PC or Laptop. If your processor runs on 32-bit or too hard to run 64-bit OS, 32-bit Zorin OS is your solution.

5. Zorin OS is built-in Wine

If you still need to use Microsoft Office on your Linux, you need Wine to run Windows applications. Thanks to Zorin OS, you don’t have to worry about Wine installation.You just need to run the program or installer then automatically, your Zorin will install Wine and anything you need; just follow the instructions. No need typing codes that many people can not understand.

6. Zorin OS is beautiful and Windows-Like or MacOS-Like

IF you are familiar to Windows or MacOS, you will soon be easy with this OS. Unfortunately, the MacOS layout only available for Ultimate variant which means you can not have in the free variants. By the way, the Windows-like interface is more beautiful then the original Windows 7.

If you are bored with your Windows and you want something different and still Windows-like, Zorin OS is your ultimate option.

Link to Zorin OS

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