Where To Watch Russian Movies and Serials

Lyubov Aksonova in Bivshiye season 3 on START

Many of you may wonder how to get Russian movies and serials. You can not find them on your streaming services like HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Or you can find them but not many.

Actually, Russian cinemas are available free on YouTube but many of them just a usual cinemas or we can say they are just daily soaps.

So, it is not easy to search high quality watch on YouTube but here is some streaming services that provide many high quality Russian movies and dramas.


Start has strong and quality brand for younger consumers

If you know Better Than Us, the first Russian serial to become Netflix original, you have to know that the original publisher of the serial is Start and Kino1TV.

START provides many high quality movies and serials. Many of them from Yellow, Black, and White (YBW) since Start is part of YBW. START also has Original contents or in another words, some of the contents are only available in Start, such as Bivshiye.

Unlike other streaming services, START tries to make its own brand by providing Start Originals and targeting younger audiences. So, if you want to watch streaming services that has its own taste, why not to try START.

You also can check Start on YouTube to watch its free contents, trailers, and other things.


Kino1TV provides many Soviet themes serials and movies

Kino1TV provides many good movies and serials. Like START but it is little bit old-fashioned. I don’t say that old-fashioned is something bad. It is great but the audiences differs.

START tries to target younger consumer while Kino1TV targets both younger and older consumers.

The things that differs Kino1TV to the others is that Kino1TV has many original serials on the Soviet themes. So, if you want to watch the Russian Soviet movies and serials, you can try Kino1TV.

Like other Russian streaming service, Kino1TV has YouTube channel and you can watch its free contents there.


The master of Russian Comedy is CTC

If you want to watch comedy, you may better to watch CTC instead of another ones. CTC or actually STS in Latin letter is one of the leading entertainment TV channel in Russia.

CTC has many free serials in YouTube channel and the official sites. Some of them may just the first episode or the first season but some serials are not.

For example, Kukhnya (Kitchen) and Otel Eleon (Hotel Eleon). You can watch all of the season for free.

On CTC. you do not watch only serials and movies but also other available programs since CTC is a TV channel.


NTV provides many good qualities serials for free with Russian subtitile

Actually, NTV is not streaming service like Start or Kino1TV, NTV is a TV channel. So, all of the contents are available free.

I don’t know if there are any paid contents.

I myself did not watch NTV so much but as long as I know, NTV’s serials are high quality not just like regular soaps or serials. Furthermore many of them starred by famous actors and actresses. So, I think NTV is worth to watch.

The point plus of NTV compared to the others is that it always provides subtitle even tough only in Russian. It can help you to understand the conversation.

Epic Media

Good Quality, Free of charge, and multi-language are the main features of Epic Media

If you want to watch free Russian movies or serial with good quality, you may try Epic Media. Unlike common channels that only provide daily soap, Epic Media has great serials and movies.

Let’s me mentioned some of them. The three trilogy of Lyubov v Bolshey Gorod (Love in Big City) that starred by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and Svetlana Khodchenkova, are available in this channel for free. Akademiya (Academy), a detective serial, that is available in Amazon Prime, you can can watch all of its episodes 100% free on YouTube.

Other than the quality, something special about Epic Media is the translation. Epic Media translates its many of its movies and serials in many languages like English, Arabic, etc.

KinoPoisk HD

With your Yandex Plus subscription, you can watch KinoPoiskHD for free

If you have YandexPlus subscription that includes Yandex Music, you could try KinoPoisk HD. KinoPoisk HD may not have a lot of premium contents but at least you can watch movies with your Yandex Plus subscription.

Even KinoPoisk HD has very little premium contents, it has some premium contents that can be streamed on a limited days.

The price of KinoPoisk’s subsciption is also far more cheaper than other. It only cost less than 4$ a month that is included on Yandex Plus. You can subscribe with Russian VPN through Google Play, read this.

KinoPoisk itself is not just a streaming service but it is also IMDB-like service. It is dedicated for movies and serials wiki, news, and ratings.

Russian TV and Ukranian Serials

If you want to watch regular Russian and Ukrainian soaps, you can try Russian TV Series channel on YouTube. It is 100% free to watch.

Many of the contents are just regular soaps not the high quality but it is not the main reason to watch. If you want to learn Russian language and culture, why not to try it.

If you want to know what’s actually people watch, you have to watch the regular soap not the box offices. Box Offices are made for people who want to paid but the regular soap are made for the average people to watch.


Film.UA are available on YouTube for free

Another Ukrainian serials you can watch on Film.UA on YouTube. Their official website is not for streaming so just watch their YouTube channel.

They offer Ukrainian serials and some of them available with English subtitle.

I can not judge the contents because I myself only recently watch this channel. Film.UA is an international Ukrainian company so I think they offer something more and not just the regular soaps.

Star Media

Star Media is an international film company

Star Media may not have high quality contents as START or Kino1TV but they provide many of their contents free on YouTube and many available with English subtitle.

Many of the contents are actually in high quality so you can judge it on YouTube by yourself. The serials, such as Cold Shore and Richard Sorge, actually have higher quality than what they seems.

Like Epic Media, Star Media try to reach more international audiences so they provide multi-lingual subtitle.


START and Kino1TV are the best for me but if you want to watch comedy, CTC is much better in terms of comedy. If you want to watch high quality for free, you can watch NTV. Then, if you sick of hardcore cinemas and just want to watch regular ones watch Russian TV serials and Ukrainian Serials. But, if you want something better than both with English subtitle, watch Star Media, Epic Media, and Film.UA.

If you have Yandex Plus, you can take your benefits to watch KinoPoiskHD for free.

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