The Maestro Shigeru Miyamoto

The Maestro Shigeru Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto is a videogame creator. He was known as Father of Modern Videogames. He was a savior of videogames world in the collapse at 1983. He works in many videogame titles such Mario franchise. He is considered to be the best game creator of all-time because his many excellent works.

He gave many contributes to the world of videogames although he is not a computer programmer and he is an art background employee. Because of it he can introduce art to the videogame industries. The art had made new meanings of videogames. Many videogames before his era were very boring and because of that many people stop buying videogames which caused the collapse of videogame industries. He was also a revolutionary game creator in many games that brought new innovations to the world.

He has two principals of making videogames. First he has a passion to make something unique, never thought before, and giving new experience. Second he makes games that people can love rather than high profit. You can feel these two principles in every great games he made.

Although he is a greatest game creator in videogame industries, he is still an employee. He works at Nintendo Company till now and occupies an important position. Actually he is the real Nintendo because Nintendo would not be like today without him and his contributes for Nintendo and videogame world are too big and unmatched.

I wrote this article not to encourage you to play games and I prohibit all of you for wasting time with playing games. I encourage you to make any innovation which make our life better. Don’t make yourselves weak and useless. Act and act!

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