Download Java Games Here in 2020

If you used mobile phone in the first decade of 21th century, you may know about java games like Real Football, Ancient Empires, and Revival.

Where you can find those old nostalgic games again? Here is the answer.


This is the most famous site to download Java games. Everyone knows Waptrick.

The site provide java games from many famous developers like Gameloft, Digital Chocolates, Herocraft, and mang others.

What’s special about this site is that you don’t need to find right game version for your phone and Waptrick will automatcally detect your phone. For common users, this feature is very helpful but if you want to try differet version of the game, you can’t because the Waptrick chooses the version for you.

This site is blocked in Indonesia so you need to go to the alternative domain. It’s


Even not having huge games libraries, this site provide some games that may not be found in mainstream sites like Waptrick.

Phoneky doesn’t have good library management so it will be not easy to search versions of a game that is proper to our phone.

If you want to a mod game or strange one, you have to try this site.

This site is from Russia so it will be very different to the Western sites.

If you want to search games with Russian language, you have to use this site because Waptrick or Phoneky, usually, provide games with English.

What’s special about this site is that this site provide many Russian games that may not released globally. Not just Russian games, you also may find infamous games like Ancient Empires I and III.


Another Russian sites but with more friendly look but in Russian language.

I don’t know a lot about this site ¬†Nambilu¬† but I can download some games with Russian language. I also find games like Heroes of Lore, Revival, etc.

The layout of this site is a lot of better than other if you access through desktop.

The most of the all is This site has amazing games libraries even though it has the lack of non-mainstream games.

Nothing compares to Dedomil.

All in All

For me, Dedomil is the best above all but if you want to play strange games that no one knows, you need to try and Namobilu.

Furthermore, if you want to search mod game like Danger Dash with unlimited money, you need to search in Phoneky.

Even though Waptrick is the most popular here, the lack of option to choose a version of games is very disappointing because nowdays, we download game from PC or Android; not directly from Java phone.

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