Opendingux: A Concept of Gaming

Gameboy Advance SP (this is not an Opendingux device)

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I recently bought an Opendingux device; it’s called PlayGo. It came with very expensive; approximately 80 USD (1.2XX.000 IDR). Actualy, if you can buy it from AliExpress, you can have it cheapier with just 55 USD.

It seem to be very expensive though but I will explain you about this device and its brothers; such as Anbernic RG350, PocketGo, etc, why they are special. Why we should concern about them.

# First, the Open Source

Opendingux is an open-source Linux OS. It is 100% free. Anyone can use the OS and get the source code without paying to the owner for the license. Not just using, anyone can also modify the OS in order to make it better or other purpose without worrying the copyright.

All of these mean that any company, software developer, or even an individual person can use the Opendingux with absolutley free. It can boost the distribution of the OS and make it available to everyone.

# Second, the Emulation

Opendingux usually runs games through emulating games from other system. For example, ReGBA can run Nintendo Gameboy Advance game. This mean that the OS itself doesn’t to create their own game, they just emulate. Anyone can just make an Opendingux devices than let people search the games by their own. It can be legal or illegal. All ini all, through emulation, Opendingux just need to develop or create emulators to play games instead of making games for its system.

# Third, the Low Hardware Requirement

Opendingux is not a lightweight OS, it can run on a 1 GHz processor very well. This can be an advantage for a company or anyone to make a device that can run the OS. In other words, the gaming device will be cheaper and also make more profit.

My PlayGo runs on a 1 GHz processor with 500 Mb memory and it cost 80 USD. I can buy a dual core processor smartphone with 2 GB memory, 5 megapiksel camera, a touchscreen, etc and it cost same. The point is, an Opendingux device can be built with a lower hardware and it will cost lesser and it can also be sold in the same price.

# Conlusion

These are three things that I think Opendingux can compete in the world of gaming as a new concept of handheld or home console. It comes with Open Source so everyone can use it freely. It emulates games so there is no need to make a new game to the device that run the OS. Finally, the hardware requirement to run the OS is very low and friendly so anyone can built the device at low cost and sell it on a maximum profit.

The concept of open source retro handheld gaming emulator that Opendingux devices have is something innovative. I believe that the future is so bright to everyone.

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