Let’s Talk About Manjaro

I just recently switched to Manjaro which is based on Arch Linux. I was a former Debian/Ubuntu user for years and I have wonderful experience on it. Debian and Ubuntu were Linux that has very large community and app libraries. If you got trouble, you could find the solution on internet. If there a new app that come to Linux, .deb packages would be the first to be easy to install. Unlike other distros, Debian has a lot of big derivation like Ubuntu itself, MX Linux, Zorin OS, and a lot more. If you use one of them, it will be helpful to do it on many big distros . Because of that, I would always recommend Debian if anyone asked me which distro he/she should choose for a new comer.

But, there is something that Debian not so good, it was the feeling of being a part of Linux community that is very dynamics. If you were familiar with Linux, you would know that Linux was not just developed by big companies like Canonical (Ubuntu). Linux was developed by everyone; everyone can join the development by any means. Yes, anyone can join Debian but not just like Arch Linux.

Manjaro (based on Arch Linux) is a rolling-release distro which means the users will have faster update than the stable-release distro such as Debian. If you install or update a Debian app from the repository, it maybe the old version of the app since the latest is not available as stable. It seems to be a better way to provide app only on its stable release but it is for common user who just want to use a computer; not a tech enthusiast.

I give example, I just installed Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) on my Manjaro. If used use Debian, DDE would not available on the official repo. I need to search someone’s repo to get the most beautiful desktop environment on earth. Furthermore, the someone’s repo may not so good since it is just maintained by someone unknown that one day may leaves the repo and you would never got new update. In Arch Linux, the way is different, I can get that DDE on the repo. It may not stable but I can install DDE, right?. I will have future update because the repo is well-maintained.

I had used Linux for two years and I thought that my time has come to be on the next level. I mean that is to feel the more advance technology and Arch Linux with its rolling-release. So, I choose to stay with Manjaro since it is more friendly-user than the original Arch Linux. The more user-friendly Arch Linux. Manjaro, is on my beloved Sinnok (Lenovo X230) now.

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