I start my Soyuznesia Sport

Soyuznesia Sport

I started my Soyuznesia Sport as for my BeBeMon project. Soyuznesia Sport will cover Super Liga. Super Liga is the highest division on the Russian Women Football League. I actually had planned to begin next season but I think it is better to start early as beta than more serious on the upcoming season.

Actually I began to like sport topics not long ago, this year, because of my friends who love Premier League so I thought I am better to start writing this one. I chose Super Liga because it is free on VK to watch and not many medias have interest on it. My favourite focus will be Zenit and Chertanova. Those are my favourite teams. Zenit is not the best but they are among the big three. And, Chertanova is not a great team but they actually has great young players such as Komissarova and moreover the young CSKA star, Abdullina, was actually a former Chertanova player.

Unfortunately, Soyuznesia Sport use only Indonesian language but you can use Google Translate.

You can check HERE

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