I change Jing Xing’s Motto

Recently, maybe this last two years in my life, I got something that I never thought in my life. I had so much willingness, but I never achieved any of them.

I had many great ideas, I produced, but none of them were success. Yes, some of them might be called success but not perfectly. I became an electronic seller on Facebook, I got a job as teacher, I got high score in my study, and many more. I chose very difficult and uncommon topic for my final task in university, but it has not been finished yet.

Furthermore, I learned Russian, and now, I can utter some phrases in Russian. Not just that, I even watch Russian dramas, serials, and movies without subtitles, I still do not understand them but at least I can do that. I also learned about Russian culture and the comparison to American which looks like the opposite or rival.

But, when I wrote news about Russian Women Football two weeks ago, I found that I, myself, still had lack of Russian skills. After one year of learning Russian, I still have a lot of to do; I need to be faster. My Soyuznesia Sport Project needs to be done before November.

I thought there were problems deep down in my mind and that was my Blue Ocean Strategy has been expired. I need something new, and I can not just use my old strategies or motto; Satu dan Langka (One and Rare), anymore.

So, for today and for the future, I change my motto to Za Pobedu (For the Victory). It is not enough to be different and unique, I need to win and be a winner and achieve my victory.

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