I am ending my ASXING Service by 14 April

ASXING was formerly ASSING. Both actually are same.

I am focusing on my thesis this month and I have new jobs and new projects so I think it is something urgent to stop ASXING since it is not so profitable. I only earn approximately 50,000 IDR each month and it only help me to pay my Yandex Plus subscription.

I know that I can help a lot of people with ASXING but, I need to go to something more profitable to help more people and my life.


At the beginning of time, I wanted to make a team so I recruited some of my friends. But, there is something problematic, that was the price. I was afraid that my friends would demand higher price for ASSING Service(now ASXING). So, I decided to go by my own.

Some of you may think that what I am doing is illegal but actually there are many things that we do not know what people experience. Some of my clients has part-time jobs. They can not finish their homework, they need help. Other people also did not has computer sets to write papers. They need someone’s laptop. ASXING tried to be always there for anyone who in needs.

What’s inspire ASXING?

Personally, I am a man who always ready to help people and many of my friends ask me to help her tasks. I am not very smart, but I have some kind of sense that make other people think I am a smart guy. My friends trust my work so I make it more available for anyone.

That not just the case why I started ASXING It was Sci-Hub who I think inspire me so much. Elbakyan’s idea to provide science to anyone and everyone is great. With ASXING, I want to provide knowledge for everyone without boundaries that seems to be very not equal in the university environment.

So, I think it was opportunity to help people.

Thanks to all my clients, we build a better world.

I always try for my best to help people even without ASXING, just chat me anytime, anywhere.

Sorry, I did not edit this writing and it has a lot of tense and grammar mistakes. I will edit it later.

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