A lesson from Maksim’s death rumors

Maksim was rumored to be death due to Coronavirus

Just few days ago, I read a headline debate on Russiya 1 Channel YouTube and the debate is about whether the singer Maksim had dead or still alive. More than 1 billion people had watched the debate. I did not know whether they watch the debate fully or just click the bait. The matter was that the kind of debate happened in Russia. Why this matters.

How can a gossip about a celebrity be debated on a TV channel. It is a TV channel owned by the State. I mean, what happens if that kind of debate happened in my country, Indonesia. People would think how can such thing discussed. What’s the matter?

My answer is that Maksim is a very important figure in Russian modern art history and the information technology is something that Russia has great advancement. I do not mean that in Russia, all information are valid. Fake propaganda does happen, but that is not the point. The point is that in Russia, there are a lot of information and advancement about that.

I can give an example from my experience writing Russian women football. I found that there are so much information about the topics even they are not so many audiences. I mean, why people write that kind of information even has little audience; why that kind of information matters.

It happens because people have a kind of culture to inform the other about the topics they know. People produce and consume information. I mean, people have literacy and it is not just to consume but also to produce.

What my point is that there are a lot of unknown information in Russian language that we need to exploit.

*) I am sorry, my English writing is not so good this time. I will solve my problem, just not this time; I need to relieve my thought.

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