8 Must Have Browser Extensions

Here is eight extensions you must have if you use Firefox and seven, if you use Chrome/Chromium/Opera/etc. I use all of this extension so this is based on my personal experience.

UBlock Origin

There are so many adblock there on extension and I think this is the best. It claims to be easy on CPU and memory and it is not bullshit. Firefox recommends Ublock Origin.

This Ublock Origin is open source so it’s FOSS, yeah.

HTTPS Everywhere

If you want to surfing safely on internet, you might to use this. HTTPS Everywhere will always try and even force you to only access HTTPS (http with /s/). This is very important because HTTPS is more secure than HTTP.

HTTPS Everywhere is open source.

Enhancer for YouTube or Improved YouTube

YouTbe with Improved YouTube

You love to watch YouTube, you must try this Enhancer for YouTube. This extension gives you some additional features and easy media shortcut on YouTube like ad blocker, effects, loop, picture to picture mode, etc. Very useful.

Improved YouTube is much better than Enhancer for YouTube in terms of function and UI but it may not as simple as the Enhancer for YouTube.

Enhancer for YouTube and Improved YouTube are open source.

LastPass: Free Password Manager

Firefox has password manager and it is cloud sync so you have no worries if you use it on other devices but the problem is that it is not cross-browser. You can’t use Firefox password manager on Chrome/Chromium/etc, you must use third-party app/extension.

LassPass: Free Password Manager is my favourite one and it is recommended by FireFox so I think it is worthy to try.

According to Wikipedia, this service has many security incidents but I think it is not a problem since the developers are still active to maintain this service.

LastPass: Free Pasword Manager is not open source.


Easy to download video on YouTube with Saveform

Best extension to download videos on internet is Saveform. The free version of this app may not so provide downloading some 1080 HD videos on YouTube but it is still good.

Actually, I use this extension to download VK videos since there is no VK downloader on the repo (I use Linux). There is still problem in downloading some video that is not available to public on VK but at least I can download another VK videos.

Saveform is not open source and I think it is not privacy friendly and had problem with malware (on two years ago version) but the Norton says it is secure.


Looking for bookmark manager with beautiful UI, Raindrop.io is the best for me. It is not just beautiful but also cloud-based and cross-platform; available on FireFox and Chromium/Chrome.

It has free and paid service. The free service is still worthy and you get unlimited services. I personally use the free version and it is very useful.

Raindrop.io is open source. Always love FOSS.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

YouTube got D Grade

This extension helps you to block trackers on Internet and give you information about the trackers.

I personally do not know the advantage of this one but it is always interesting to know who oversees your browsing activity.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials is open source.

To Google Translate

If you use Chromium or Chrome, you get Google translate feature built-in but if you use FireFox, you could not have this one so you need extension.

To Google Translate will help you to open directly the Google Translate website on new tab and automatically type the word you highlight. Still not so good comparing to Chromium/Chrome but it is worthy.

This extension is open source but Google Translate is not.


Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you enjoy my writing.

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