Soviet Movies: Five Recommendation

Fourty FIrst is a Film about Love and Revolution | Source:

Many of you may not know about Soviet Movies. Yes, some of us have consumed Hollywood too much so let us start to see another world.

Here are my recommendation for Soviet Movies. You can watch them free and legal on YouTube.

Many of Soviet Movies are available free on internet so why not? You can watch legal and great movies for free.

Однажды двадцать лет спустя 1980

KinoPoisk, Kino-Teatr, Wikipedia Once Upon a Time Twenty Years Later

The story of a simple woman who just a mother of a lot of kids while her friends have good careers. She reminded me of my mother so I cried a lot while watching this movie. A woman who devoted her life just for her kids; to rise them.

This is the only movie that can deeply touch my heart with the struggle of the main character. Even, I got touched while writing this paragraph.

If you have a great mother or you have problem with yours, you have to watch this and feel the flow.

Москва слезам не верит 1979

KinoPoisk, Kino-Teatr, Wikipedia Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears

Who don’t know Moscow Doe snot Believe in Tears. A film that considered as the most Soviet film according to blogger RussianFilmHub. The story of three women with different fate was such a great.

Not just the characters that was interesting, the context of Soviet era was very amazing. You will be amazed by the social phenomenons such as the lack of male population, female workers in factories, television industries, life in public apartments, etc.

Сорок первый 1956

KinoPoisk, Kino-Teatr, Wikipedia The Forty-First


Do you want to watch story of a Red Army woman who fell in love with her enemy from White Army.

Unlike conventional romance, this film will bring you to the debate between Love and Revolution. The story was not just about love but also how big the spirit of Revolution for a Bolshevik woman soldier. If you can feel the spirit and love, you can value the film very well.

Не могу сказать «прощай» 1982

KinoPoisk, Kino-Teatr, Wikipedia I Cannot Say “Farewell”

The film was very simple; a woman who keep her love for her beloved one even he never loved her.

It might be a simple plot but in Soviet context, the movie was great.

Ирония судьбы, или С лёгким паром! 1975

KinoPoisk, Kino-Teatr, Wikipedia The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!

One of the most popular Soviet movies of all time till know. Every end of the year, the film is played in television.

I myself did not like the film but the comedy was great. A man from Moscow accidentally flight to Leningrad due to drunkenness. Then, he go to and slept in someone’s apartment without realizing that he was in Leningrad.

Those are my Top 5 Soviet Movies for now. I actually have not watched a lot of Soviet movies but this recommendation can give you some information about Soviet Movies.

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