5 Anti-Mainstream Medias You Have to Know November 2020

Learning Russian language does make me more aware about journalistic. You know, medias are not just provider of information that tell people what happens in the world or something like that. They are something bigger and it seem to be very important when we dig out more. I don’t give a clear explanation here, just go the main idea of this posts and let this hanging on your mind.

Five List

1. RT (Russia Today)

Abby Martin was one of the famous RT anchors (source picture: algemeiner.com)

RT is a world class media empire just like CNN, CNBC, BBC, Al-Jazeera, etc. The different between RT and the others is that RT hold the Russian perspective that is may considered as controversial and anti-Western. All in all, RT always provides alternative perspective about what happening in the world.
Many people and expert see that this channel contains Russian propaganda, fake news, etc but out of them, this media offers many things in the different perspective. RT is a world-class media, they follows regulation and so on. Just be aware.
I myself know that there are many Putin’s propaganda in RT but it is Russian media and I think it is fair for a Russian media with international audiences to support Putin.

2. StopFake

Ekaterina Sergatskova, a former journalist in Stop Fake (Source Picture: opendemocracy.net)

This site is dedicated to expose propaganda fake news mainly toward Ukriane. This site offers multiple languages information including Russian, Ukrainian, and English.
Ukraine is one of the country that has problem with fake news mainly from Russian mainstream medias. So, this site tried to solve this problem to protect people from the false information.
StopFake is a Ukrainian media mainly try to cure the Russian fake news.

3. The Gray Zone

Aaron Mate, a journalist in The Gray Zone (source picture: The Gray Zone)

Being sick of the US medias that always blame Russia and Putin for doing bad for many thing happens in the world, you can check this site that try to neutralize the Russo-gate and Russo-phobia.
The Gray Zone is a news media that founded by the award-winner journalist Max Blumenthal. One of the journalists there is Aaron Mate.
The site actually is only about Politics but not just about Russia but also other topics related to US empire.

4. Meduza.io

Farida Rustamova, a BBC journalist who is also a correspondent in Meduza (source picture: people.ru)

Meduza is a Russian topics media that headquarted in Latvia. Having members from various eastern-Europe journalists like Farida Rustamova, this site gives you more direct opinion about what happens in Russia.
This site tries to inform you about what happens in Russia in the reality without propaganda and russophobia.

5. Information Clearing House

Information Clearing House was a recipient of Serena Shim Award

As the motto, this site give you many opinions, news, etc that you will never find in American mainstream media. This site is actually for USA audience since the topics are limited
At first time, I doubted about this site. I assumed that this site was just like regular medias or bloggers (like me) that just giving different perspective about USA. But, this site is not something like that. There are some expert journalists on the site like John Pilger and Chris Hedges.


Actually, I know other anti-mainstream medias but for now, I just write five. There are countless medias in the world. Each of them have their own perspective and we have to understand about that.
This is an era when people who have more audiences have the strongest voice and  make influence. We have to think and not only being driven by the what’s going on.
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